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Victory! Pepsi & Coke moving away from dirtiest sources of oil


You spoke out and urged PepsiCo and Coca-Cola to reduce their reliance on high-carbon fuels like tar sands -- and today, thanks to your efforts, we're happy to announce that they've listened!

After our multi-year campaign, Pepsi and Coke have both committed to eliminating, whenever possible, high-carbon fuels from their supply chains, increasing the fuel efficiency of their car and delivery truck fleets, and increasing transparency with public reports on their progress.

This is a big win. Pepsi and Coke join 19 other major companies that have committed to reducing or eliminating carbon-intensive oil from their supply chains while they develop cleaner, safer fueling solutions. This means less burning of high-carbon fuels like tar sands and crude oil from Venezuela and Nigeria. 

You spoke out, and they listened. Take a moment to thank these companies for taking this issue seriously, and committing to keep making progress to cut carbon pollution!

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