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Tell Chevron: Protecting the planet isn't a crime!

For nearly two decades, Texaco -- now part of Chevron -- dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic oil waste into the pristine Ecuadorian Amazon, poisoning countless people and creating what's considered to be the world's largest oil disaster.

In a blatant attempt to avoid a massive judgment against it in Ecuador's courts, Chevron has twisted the RICO Act -- legislation designed to target mobsters -- to silence their critics and have them labeled as criminals. Shockingly, a U.S. judge actually sided with Chevron on March 4. 

It's now possible for other wealthy corporations to attack activists like you and me just for speaking out and exposing their actions -- but we're not going to stand for this. 

Sign the pledge today: Protecting our planet is not a crime, but polluting the Amazon with toxic oil waste definitely is!
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